I Miss Kyoto

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Here I am. Alone in my room. My mind is flying away through the time to the days when I was in Japan. It’s been more than two weeks but I’m still missing the city and my friends there. I want to repeat all of the memories , but I realize that those memories are worthy to keep because it can’t be repeated.

Now, my mind is in the first day I arrived in Kyoto. Ryo, Tanabe, Nozomi, and Charlotte were at bus station to welcome me. We introduced ourselves each other so I knew that Tanabe was my host family and Nozomi was Charlotte’s host family. Charlotte, the participant from Australia arrived in Kyoto about an hour before me. That day, after we kept our baggages in the apartment, Nozomi and Tanabe brought us to do sightseeing in Kinkaku-ji . It was amazing! The temple had a golden wall as its name, Kinkaku-ji, that means Golden Temple. Then in the evening, we had a dinner in sushi shop near Tanabe’s apartment. Eating sushi in the country where its originally from was a great experience. I didn’t know before, that sushi is usually accompanied by macha (green tea). We ended the day by visiting sento (public bath house). I hesitated when I knew that everyone should be naked. Even in front of the same sex, it’s unusual for me. Because of my curiousity, I finally decided to try it. It was really relaxing. That night, Nozomi and Charlotte slept in Tanabe’s apartment with me.

Ticket of  Kinkaku-Ji
The Golden Pavillion

Nozomi, Charlotte, Tanabe, and Me
Beautiful Pavillion

We were waiting

My first sushi dinner

Accompanied by macha

We were full

A lot of delicious sushi

Symbol of sento

The red one for women and the blue for men

My mind moves to the first day of Kyoto Study Tour, the day when I met many nice Japanese friends. There were so many Japanese participants joining this event. They came from many cities around Kyoto and they were really welcome. The event was opened by a short speech from the chief, Yuki, then we played ice breaking game that made us closer each other. We enjoyed Japanese culture together. In my first turn, I made mangekyou (caleidoscope), Japanese traditional toy. It was beautiful. After that, I made a calligraphy on the Japanese traditional fan. Miho helped me to write kanji for my name. She taught me three kanji: (i) that means shooting archer, (ryu) that means flow, and (man) that means boy. I was really glad for the kanji. I really love it. Then, we took a picture together before we had free time. Kodai and Wagahai accompanied me to find some souvenir at Teramachi Street and we ate kakigoori (Japanese shaved ice dessert) at Shinkyougoku Street. Everyone came to Ninja Kyoto restaurant at 6 p.m. to have dinner together. We also entered the ninja labyrinth and enjoyed the game. Actually, the dinner closed the study tour that day. However, we decided to go to Kamogawa river and play hanabi (firework) there. The weather was warm that night and we played until late. 

Rakku bus. Official Kyoto Public Transportation

We were making mangekyou

Mizuki and Miho with their mangekyou

Kanji for i-ryu-man

Everyone has their own words on the fan

Kyoto ST first day's participants

Kodai and I with our kakigoori

Wagahai a.k.a Crazy Hiro

Teramachi Street! good place for shopping

Ninja Style - in front of Kyoto Ninja Restaurant

Wagahai and Asai were playing hanabi

I enjoyed playing hanabi

My mind has arrived at Fushimi Inari Shrine. It was the first destination in the second day of Kyoto ST. The committee gave us mission game to be done. There were so many Tori (Japanese gate) and long stairs in the shrine. It was like we climbed a hill using stairs. After walking for about an half hour, I reached the place that was high enough to see Kyoto City. It was a beautiful spot to see Kyoto from the distance. In that trip, I met Yuka, Japanese student who had lived in Indonesia. She spent six months in Salatiga for a student exchange program. We then went back to Kyoto City to have a lunch. The next destination was yatsuhashi factory. Yatsuhashi is Japanese traditional sweet that is as popular as souvenir from Kyoto. In the factory, we made our own yatsuhashi. We could choose the filling of the yatsuhashi. The people of the factory were very generous. Everyone got a postcard with our picture and box to keep our handmade yatsuhashi. The last destination was Kyoto Station. It was a big and busy station. We had a free time to do sightseeing there or just visiting cafe. My favorite spot in Kyoto Station is the long stair that can change into big screen. It’s amazing and really entertaining. We ended the day in the evening after taking pictures on the stair.

Took a picture with foreigner to complete the mission game

My group's member

Place to pray

Long stair with tori

Me and Yuka

The Shrine's Guard

Tanabe lead the participants

There were so many participants in the second day

Itadakimasu! Had a lunch with Misaki

Me and Asai

Ready to make yatsuhashi

Took a photo after we finished with yatsuhashi

Kenta told me how to make a good macha

Kyoto ST second day's participants

This is Kyoto station stair from the distance


A photo of giraffe brings my mind back to Kyoto Zoo. I was there in the third day of Kyoto ST. Actually, zoo was the second destination. The first was Heian Jingu, another beatiful and old shrine in Kyoto. We did mission game in the zoo. There were so many missions and questions to be done. It was exhausting yet fun. Sometime we had to imitate the pose of the animal or take a picture with the animal. After that, we had a lunch and took a rest for a while. Then, we continued our trip to Kyoto Cultural Museum. The museum gave us so much informations about the city and its history. I met a volunteer that knew Soekarno at the museum. She explained me a collection in the museum and asked several questions about Indonesia. The committee announced the winner of the mission game and my group was the runner up. Each member got a pack of candy as a gift. Tour was ended after that. Knowing that I love manga, Asami asked me to go to manga shop. I went there with Tanabe, Mocha, Oji-san, and Tomoyuki. I bought the latest episode of Naruto comic there. After that, Asami brought me to karaoke cafe and we sang many anime theme songs. I was sad when Asami said good bye because she couldn’t join the last day of Kyoto ST. In our way home, Tanabe asked me if I wanted something for dinner. I chose ramen and then we went to the nearest ramen shop to have a dinner. That night, Mocha, Tomoyuki, and Oji-san slept at Tanabe’s apartment and we played Nintendo Wii together. Mocha dominated both racing and fighting game. He was a good player.

At Heian Jingu Shrine

Me with transparent umbrella


I did the wrong pose. We should imitated flamingo

In the snake aquarium

We were the runner up group!

Me with Kyoto Museum's Mascot

Third day's participants

Asami, Tanabe, and Oji-san

"We all live in a yellow submariiiine~"

Tanabe were singing

Asami said good bye to me. So sad.

Ramen! Totemo Oishii

Tomoyuki, Me, Oji-san, Mocha, and Tanabe had a dinner at ramen shop

My mind meets the ‘farewell’ now. Reminding me to the forth day, the last day of Kyoto ST. We gathered that morning in cloudy day. That day we cooked another Japanese popular food, takoyaki. In this day, we also had mission game. It was an interesting game. Each group got 400 Yen to buy some snacks and the one which had the expenditure closest to that number would win the game. The losers had to play russian roulette game. Every member of the group ought to take takoyaki that maybe contained mustard sauce. The group who lost the game was my group and when we played the russian roulette, I was the one who got the ‘bomb’. However, I didn’t think it was spicy. I think it was because I usually eat spicy food, so the mustard sauce was not that spicy. They were shocked because I didn’t even need water after eating the takoyaki that contained mustard sauce. Temakizushi was our lunch that day. It is hand rolled sushi. We used nori to wrap the rice and the filling of sushi. The filling were ham, salmon egg, tuna, salmon, scrambled egg, and many more. Its taste was really good. My favorite filling are salmon egg, salmon, and tuna. Beside temakizushi, there were also hot takoyaki to eat. We made it in different room. Everyone could try to make their own takoyaki. I also made onigiri from nori and rice. My stomach was really full that time. We left the place in the evening to the bar. I was chatting with many Japanese participants on my way to the bar. I talked about Japanese marriage with Marisa. In the bar, everyone could order any drink they want. Some of us ordered beer and the others just some juices. We shared a lot of laugh each other. No more language or culture boundaries. Laugh is an universal language. In the end of the day, we hugged each other and promised that we would meet again. It was farewell, but I remember that not so many of us was crying. We were happy and enjoyed the stoudy tour a lot.

Toji Temple

The mission game was started

Took a rest after shopping for mission game

Made our own temakizushi

It was delicious

Wagahai taught me to eat the temakizushi using hand

I chose scramble egg, tuna, and crab as the filling

Takoyaki Russian Roulette

The boys were making the takoyaki

Mizuki as a chef

Taking care the takoyaki

This was how we served our takoyaki

Hayato, me, and Marisa with her onigiri

Last day's participants

Kyoto Tower in the night

Acted as if  I was a samurai

It was Kyoto Station again. Charlotte, Mab, Mary Ann, and I brought our baggages to leave. Our host family were with us to accompany us until ISC 59 committee picked us up. Misaki gave me a fan, photo, and a pack of KitKat Greentea. Yuki, the chief of Kyoto ST, also gave me an album consisting of photos and messages from Kyoto ST participants. Even before I left the station, I have already missed everyone from Kyoto ST. Kenta and Tomoyuki who always tried to explain many things during the tour. Mocha who beated me in every game that we played in Tanabe’s apartment. Oji-san who always told me jokes and smile. Asami who brought me to manga shop. Mizuki who taught me Japanese slang word “Majika”. Shuta who told some stories during mission game in Kyoto Zoo. Asai who always asked if I was tired. And many other participants who were really kind and always helped me during the Kyoto ST.

Kyoto ST foreign participants - Tanabe, Ilman, Mary Ann, Nozomi, Mab, Charlotte, and Yuki

Before we separated

Oji-san with a fake samurai lol

Me and Misaki

My mind has come back. In my room alone, I miss every moments we had in Kyoto. I remember two person that I miss the most. Tanabe and Nozomi. They worked so hard for me and Charlotte. Every morning Tanabe always cooked me the breakfast. (You are a good chef, Tanabe! I love salad, curry, and miso-soup that you made.) The taste was always delicious. Oishii. Tanabe even lent me his sword club uniform and katana so I could take a picture as if I was a samurai. If you read this, I hope you keep the batik shirt  I gave you in the last night so you can always remember me and our memories. I also miss Nozomi and her beautiful smile. It because she always smiled at me everytime we met in the end of the tour. I regret that I didn’t take a lot of picture with her in Kyoto.

Me with my host family, Masaki Tanabe

Me with Nozomi, a Japanese girl who has a beautiful smile :)

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